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    The joy of autumn

      Culinary delights

      Enjoy the National Park’s culinary delicacies! Glockner Lamm, Mölltal Almkäse or Gamsbratl: The "Culinary Delights" project is aimed at raising the culinary profile of the region thanks to new and innovative ideas created by local landlords and chefs.

      Why “Culinary Delights”?
      Because restaurateurs and chefs in the region have so much creativity and fresh produce to offer, we would like to share it with our guests. The “Culinary Delights” project showcases the region, its produce, customs, landscape and the people of the Hohe Tauern National Park region.

      “Culinary delights”
      The “Culinary Delights” project stands for the highest quality foods and for the love of the region. It offers food to feel good and food for energy. Behind each product and each dish is a philosophy of pleasure focusing on sustainable living, local produce and creatively-developed traditional dishes.

      Who is behind the “Culinary delights” project?
      The people behind the “Culinary Delights” project want to promote and make accessible the Hohe Tauern National Park region’s culinary specialties. The aim is to increase the appreciation of the regional products and to ensure high-quality and healthy food for a higher quality of life and enjoyment. A modern interpretation of traditional cooking is what makes the “Culinary Delights” project so unique. Most importantly of all, the people behind it are proud of their work and you can taste it!

      * Hotelchen Döllacher Dorfwirtshaus***

      * Gasthof Dorfschenke

      * Landgut Moserhof

      * Restaurant Almstube in the Ferienhotel Alber****


      Hohe Tauern - die Nationalpark-Region
      Hof 4 | A-9844 Heiligenblut am Großglockner
      Tel.: +43 4824 2700

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